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Important Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by ClickBaitYT, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Obsidianation Server Rules
    In this thread, you will find the official rules of Obsidianation. If you are a player on our server, we expect you to follow these rules respect the system every second you are online. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in punishments, whether it be in the form of a mute/ban or in severe cases, a blacklist.

    Server Rules
    ⚬ Advertising:
    1.1 -
    You are allowed to advertise recording/streaming on Obsidianation.
    If the content of the recording/stream is primarily focused on Obsidianation, it may be allowed more times than not.
    1.2 - You are not allowed to advertise anything that is not related to Obsidianation.
    • If this content includes the content of another server/network or is obviously advertising another product or company that is not Obsidianation.
    1.3 - It is strictly forbidden to advertise another server or mention another server name. It is also forbidden to put another server's IP in chat at any times, whether it be through messages or signs or other indirect methods.

    ⚬ Modifications
    2.1 -
    More information on allowed/disallowed modifications can be found here.

    ⚬ Abusing Bugs
    3.1 -
    You are allowed to use bugs like these in certain situations.
    You are allowed to abuse bugs if you are reporting and showing them to a member of Staff.
    If the bug is minor (such as something that removed nickname formatting), or it does not give you an advantage over other players. This all depends on the context of the situation.
    3.2 - It is strictly prohibited to knowingly and willingly abuse bugs in these situations.
    If the bug gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
    If the bug gives other players an unfair advantage over the rest of the players.

    ⚬ Scamming
    4.1 -
    You are only allowed to scam in very certain situations.
    If they scam ingame items, such as Blocks or IGN Money. Then it is allowed.
    4.2 - You are strictly prohibited from scamming in these situations.
    If you are scamming for IRL (real-life) money.
    If you are scamming for a large enough amount, or items in-game.
    You cannot , for example, scam someone with a piece of paper that has been re-named to "Bank Note ~ X Ammount".

    ⚬ Ban Evading
    5.1 -
    Ban Evading is logging in with an alternate account after another one of your accounts have been banned. Ban Evading is never allowed. If you are caught Ban Evading, it will result in a suspension of all the accounts you login with from Obsidianation.

    ⚬ Illegal Items
    6.1 -
    You are only ever allowed to use items that are not normally obtainable in-game in these situations.
    If you are showing a staff member if another person has given you these items.
    6.2 - You are not allowed to use items that are not normally obtainable in-game in these situations.
    If you are going to use them to give you an in-game advantage.

    Chat Rules

    ⚬ Spamming, Character Spam + Overuse of caps
    8.1 -
    It is excusable to break these rules in certain situations.
    If you are in urgent need of a member of Staff. Although we encourage to use our discord.
    8.2 - It is never allowed to spam chat, spam characters or overuse caps purposely. In doing this, you may be warned or punished with a mute.

    ⚬ Other General Chat Rules
    9.1 -
    Use your common sense. If what you say has a mild joke or innuendo, it will be largely considered acceptable. But please do not spam these or go above what is considered acceptable, use your common sense.
    9.2 - It is strictly prohibited to post anything in the chat of the following nature.
    Material that includes sexual, explicit or gory content.
    Material that includes racist, discriminatory content or anything that suggests these.
    Do not threaten to DDoS or Doxx another player. Doing so will result in a ban.
    DO not threaten to take legal action against another player.

    Obsidianation Management
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